In 2019, we almost doubled the size of our workshop.

Both on the ground and first floor, the usable surface area has increased considerably. Belgotech experienced strong growth in the period 2016 - 2019. If we wanted to continue to grow, we had to take this step. In March 2020, we should have inaugurated our renovated workshop in the presence of our customers and suppliers, but unfortunately, the Corona virus decided otherwise.

Our workshop has an available area of 1000 m² on the ground floor. This space is dedicated to the construction of large electrical floor standing cabinets. This information is to be taken literally: Cabinets of 7 and 8 metres in length are not unusual.

On the first floor, we have another free working space of 700 m². This is where we build all the wall-mount enclosures.

We invest not only in space, but also in equipment and machine tools: about four years ago Belgotech purchased a Perforex CNC machine from Rittal so that we can automatically make all cut-outs in doors, side panels and roofs. We have also invested in other copper and metalworking machines, so that we can produce faster and better, and at the same time further improve the quality of our products.

The exceptional know-how of our staff, combined with the technical tools at their disposal, allows us to produce copper constructions for busbar systems up to 5000A.

We closely follow all developments in this field with respect to the fundamental bases of the profession of panel builder.