Bâtiment Belgotech

Founded just over 20 years ago by Ludo Moeyersoms and Jean-Brice Radu, Belgotech is a company specializing in industrial electricity, and more specifically in the manufacture of electrical cabinets, from study to production.

In the early 2000s, Ludo Moeyersoms and Jean-Brice Radu were introduced by a mutual customer. Ludo Moeyersoms produces electrical panels, while Jean-Brice Radu specializes in the design and supply of electrical cabinets for industrial projects. In addition to their complementary technical skills (design, production and project management), they shared a common vision of the business and a common ambition for quality.

In 2004, they founded Belgotech to manufacture electrical panels to the highest standards in terms of design, quality, finish and customer service.

Initially based in Waremme in a 360m² workshop, the company soon had to think bigger and move its activities to Villers-le-Bouillet. Belgotech moved there in 2007, before adding a second building in 2009 to meet ever-increasing demand.

The company has increased its team by a factor of 5, and today employs 35 full-time equivalents, responsible for technical and commercial management, design, quality control, production and administrative tasks.

The electrical cabinets manufactured by Belgotech meet the most stringent quality and safety requirements. This guarantee of quality, the relevance of the study carried out upstream, our multi-sector experience, our personalized approach and our excellent customer service have made Belgotech's reputation well beyond our borders.

In fact, the company exports its cabinets to the four corners of the globe: from Brazil to Malaysia, via Finland, Papua New Guinea, India and South Africa, to name but a few. Customers include supermarkets, Continental, a water treatment company, as well as biofuel plants throughout Europe, a medical waste sterilization company, covid vaccination sites, climate-controlled greenhouses for nurseries, etc.

In the summer of 2023, in anticipation of their impending retirement, Belgotech's founders met with Yves Warnant, a serial entrepreneur specializing in business transfers. The Liège-born entrepreneur owns a number of companies operating in complementary sectors such as automation, renewable energies and industrial batteries, all of which offer potential synergies and development opportunities for Belgotech. But it was above all the shared values of quality, service and entrepreneurship on a human scale that convinced Ludo Moeyersoms and Jean-Brice Radu to sell Belgotech to him.

Fun facts
about Belgotech

13 meters

The largest electrical cabinet ever built is 13 meters long. It was developed and produced in the Villers-le-Bouillet workshop, then shipped to Songolong (Guinea) for a company involved in water pumping.

6000 A

The largest currents handled: no less than 6000 amperes. A real feat achieved by the team to meet the specific requirements of a particular company.

20.000 km

The longest distance covered: 20,000 km. Belgotech exported one of its electrical cabinets to the island of Nauru, which lies in the middle of the Pacific, somewhere between Australia and Hawaii.

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