Belgotech manufactured high-power cabinets for a new factory in the extraction sector. Now it's time to leave for Bangladesh.

Belgotech is a company specializing in industrial electricity, and more specifically in the manufacture of electrical cabinets, from design to production.

Based in the province of Liège, the company supplies all types of sector and is one of the leading exporters of electrical cabinets.

As part of its relations with players in the extraction industry, Belgotech is regularly called upon to manufacture large-scale enclosures for the start-up of major international plants.

Indeed, Belgotech stands out for the quality of its electrical cabinets - which meet the most stringent quality and safety requirements - the relevance of its studies, its multi-sector experience, a personalized approach and excellent customer service.

The company's 35-strong team puts all its energy into meeting customers' needs and offering them customized, sustainable electrical solutions.

Belgotech exports its cabinets all over the world: from Belgium to Finland, via Brazil, India, Guinea, South Africa and many others.

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