The energy storage sector is expanding. For a consortium, Belgotech has equipped a container with batteries and electrical cabinets to store energy locally

The energy storage sector is experiencing remarkable growth, reflecting the urgency of the energy transition and the need for innovative storage solutions. In this dynamic context, a particularly innovative project has emerged, thanks to the collaboration between a consortium of energy companies and Belgotech, a company specialized in advanced technological solutions.

Belgotech has taken up the challenge of designing and equipping a standard shipping container into a compact and efficient energy storage solution. This ambitious project aims to facilitate local energy storage, a crucial step in optimizing energy consumption and integrating renewable energies more smoothly into the grid.

Once transformed, the container houses several high-capacity batteries, allowing for the storage of a significant amount of energy. This energy can be collected from various sources, including solar and wind, thus offering a versatile and adaptable solution for different contexts and needs.

To ensure the optimal operation of these batteries, a sophisticated cooling system has been integrated. This system plays a crucial role in preserving the lifespan and efficiency of the batteries, regulating their temperature, and preventing overheating risks. This focus on thermal management is essential, given that the performance and safety of batteries are closely linked to their operating temperature.

Moreover, the container is equipped with advanced electrical cabinets, designed to manage and optimize the use of the different batteries. These cabinets, the true nerve centers of the system, allow for the control of the distribution of the stored energy, depending on demand and grid conditions. They ensure intelligent energy management, maximizing storage efficiency and facilitating the integration of renewable energy into the overall energy system.

This project, led by Belgotech in collaboration with the consortium, illustrates continuous innovation in the field of energy storage. By developing efficient and sustainable local storage solutions, Belgotech and its partners actively contribute to the energy transition, offering concrete alternatives for a greener and more resilient energy management. This initiative highlights the importance of collaboration among different players in the energy sector to meet the challenges of tomorrow and build a more sustainable energy future.

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