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The electrical panel is the beating heart of any industrial installation.

Good design is an absolute must for a good switchboard and we take this to heart. All electrical diagrams and lay-outs are always subject to approval, so that you, the customer, always have the last word before your cabinet goes into production.

Less then one quarter of the cabinets we manufacture at Belgotech are placed in Belgium. More than half of our cabinets end up in foreign installations, in Europe or beyond.
This means that we cannot afford to make mistakes in our cabinets.

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Belgotech can therefore realize for you :

Study and layout of wiring diagrams.

Temperature calculations for cabinets.

Calculations of cables and short-circuit currents.

PLC programming.

Monitoring systems for industry.

Network configurations.

Installation and commissioning of frequency inverters.

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Belgotech has its own research department for the study and design of your projects. 

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Belgotech builds switchboards for all kinds of machines and installations in various industrial sectors.

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Study, Manufacturing and Integration of electrical, pneumatic and automatic panels in industrial environments.

Motor Control Center - MCC

Belgotech manufactures electrical cabinets for the control of industrial motors (MCC - Motor Control Center).

Electrical panels for HVAC

Belgotech manufactures electrical cabinets for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) sector.

A container equipped with batteries for energy storage

The energy storage sector is expanding. For a consortium, Belgotech has equipped a container with batteries and electrical cabinets to store energy locally

Co-founder Ludo Moeyersoms retires

Twenty years after the creation of Belgotech and after more than 40 years in the electrical cabinet manufacturing sector, Ludo Moeyersoms is retiring at the end of 2023.

A dozen cabinets sent to Bangladesh

Belgotech manufactured high-power cabinets for a new factory in the extraction sector. Now it's time to leave for Bangladesh.

Redesign of our graphic identity

Belgotech's image gets a makeover. Following the overhaul of our graphic identity, we have installed new signs on our building. The rest of our visual communication follows.